Bryant Park in winter, Jan 2009
After visiting the Edward Steichen exhibit at the International Center for Photography on Sixth Avenue and 43rd Street in Manhattan, I decided to stroll down to Bryant Park (just behind the New York Public Library, in mid-town Manhattan) to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph.

It was early afternoon, on a frigid, sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of January. There were shadows on the south end of the park, because the sun had just dropped below the top of the buildings on the south side of 41st Street. But the north end of the park was dazzling bright, partly because of the reflection of the sun against the W.R. Grace building and another glass building on the north side of 42nd Street, as well as a couple of all-glass, blue/green-tinted buildings on the west side of Sixth Avenue.

I last photographed this park in mid-August 2008, at about the same time of day (see the Flickr album here). Because of the different season, the mood was, of course, entirely different. But aside from the obvious difference between summer clothing and winter coats, I was also intrigued by the number of people with cameras today. Some were photographing various bushes and trees that they found interesting; others were photographing each other. Maybe they were all tourists, and maybe it was just a coincidence; but I would have expected far more photographic activity in the summertime...

... in any case, summertime definitely is a more pleasant, attractive time to visit this park.
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