Roark Barron and a shy admirer

The guy on the left is Roark Barron, who seems to be a familiar face in the plaza here in the middle of Santa Fe.


He plays an electric-acoustic harp, which he has mounted on a mobile wheelchair-like device, so that he can easily roll it along the streets.


He's got CD's for sale, and you can learn more details at his website. You might also want to watch this YouTube video to see and hear an example of his music.


On this particular afternoon, his music was pleasant and relaxing; I was happy to sit and listen for about half an hour, when I had wandered into the plaza after lunch. Various people strolled past him, some stopping to listen … and, in the case of the tourist on the right, some peeked closely at his CD's and other information...


Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for Sep 9, 2012.

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Taken on August 21, 2012