Crescent moon #3

This photo doesn't have anything to do with the Yourdon family farm that I was visiting this weekend. When I returned to my hotel at the end of the day, the last of the sunset sky was fading away, and a large crescent moon was rising in the sky. I had only a few moments before the sky turned dark completely, and I didn't have a tripod with me; so I just pressed the camera against the hotel-room window, and hoped for the best. I tried lightening the shadows of the hills in the west, but the results were so "noisy" that I decided to leave them alone...


Note: this photo was published in a Nov 17, 2011 "Discover" magazine blog titled "An unreal picture of sunset at the north pole."




The Mormons first began settling in the Great Salt Lake Valley in the 1840s, and the house on this property was built in 1928. Our family moved here in 1962; and while the rest of the family gradually moved on to the far corners of the world, Dad has been here ever since. The trees have grown to a towering height in the years since I went off to college, and the house and the barn and the fences are showing their age. There is rust on the hinges and nails that hold the fences together, and there are cobwebs on the tools by the side of the horse barn. The horse is gone, spending his days at a friend's farm; the goose is gone, having been killed by a marauding dog; and the chickens are gone, victims of foxes and hawks.


But the farm is still here, and is still a quiet, peaceful oasis in a city that continues to sprawl further south and west, gradually stretching to the point where it will cover everything from Ogden to Provo.

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Taken on September 21, 2009