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Central Park's North Meadow, Aug 2009 - 02 | by Ed Yourdon
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Central Park's North Meadow, Aug 2009 - 02

Note: this photo was published in an Aug 13, 2009 blog titled "Introvert." It was also published in a Feb 19, 2010 blog titled "In Defense Of The Introverted Traveler." And it was published in a Mar 25, 2010 blog titled "FEIRA DE TROCA DE LIVROS E GIBIS – EDIÇÃO 2010." It was also published in a Jun 2, 2010 blog titled "Introverts and the Internet: A Problematic Combination?" and a Jul 13, 2010 blog titled "How to Work With Introvers."


Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Mar 9, 2011 blog titled "Even Introverts Need Company Sometimes." And it was published in a Mar 27, 2011 blog titled " If You Are Shy This Is Definitely For You." It was also published in an Apr 22, 2011 blog titled "How Introverts Can Succeed at Work." And it was published in a Jun 2, 2011 blog titled "LEARNING FROM INTROVERTS: DITCHING 'IT'S ME VS. THE WORLD...'." It was also published in an Aug 19, 2011 blog titled "Nice Career Advice Photos."


Moving into 2012, the photo was published in an undated (late Feb 2012) blog titled "How to Spend a Sunday Alone." It was also published in an Apr 14, 2012 blog titled "It’s ok to be an introvert, really" I also found it, in a severely cropped and faded form, as a background image in an undated (late Oct 2012) web page for Dane Consulting.




There are 8 million people in New York City, and on a nice summer weekend, you can find as many as 2 million people enjoying Central Park. But at lunch-time on a sunny Friday afternoon in early August, parts of the park can be surprisingly empty; it's possible to find more space than you might imagine for some isolated peace and quiet.


Just north of the 97th Street roadway (aka the "transverse") that carries cars and buses between the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side, there's a huge area known as the "North Meadow," which contains numerous ball fields, as well as a number of (duh!) meadows. Paved paths and benches line the perimeter, and there are plenty of large, shady trees; for the more adventurous, there is a recreation center at the south end of the meadow, with basketball courts, handball courts, and even a climbing wall.


Ball games typically take place on the weekends, and in the late afternoon/evening during weekdays; thus, the ball fields and central meadows were largely empty when I strolled through the area. But there were at least a few people, enjoying the sunshine as they sunbathed, picnicked, jogged, ate their lunch, or just read a book on an empty park bench. Meanwhile, on the perimeter roadway that rings the entire park, helmeted cyclists in colorful spandex tights and shirts zoomed past, while others wobbled along at a more leisurely pace with friends and family members.


I don't guarantee that you'll see the same things I did, if you pay a visit to the North Meadow; but hopefully these photos will give you some idea of what to expect...

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Taken on August 7, 2009