Note: this photo was published in an undated (late Jul 2012) blog titled "A Collection of Appetizing Pictures of Fruit."




There's a fruit stand on the street corner where I live, operated by a wonderful Bangladeshi family we've gotten to know over the years. It seems that they're open for business before we get up in the morning, and are still there in the evening, long after it has gotten dark. Since we pass by them several times a day, and buy most of our fresh fruit there, they've gotten to know us just as they've gotten to know just about everyone else in the neighborhood.


They know me as the guy with the camera. I'm sure there are other people in the neighborhood with a camera, but after they noticed me sitting on a street-corner bench for hours on end, over a two-week period, they asked me what I was up to. When I told them I was collecting photos for a Flickr album that I was going to call on the street where I live, they asked why I wasn't taking any pictures of their fruit stand.


Actually, I did take a few -- like this one -- but in general, I didn't want to encroach upon their "turf" and annoy their customers with my photo activities. Still, they are an important part of this neighborhood street corner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so I thought I would take a few photos of the fruit stand and its products, just to give you an idea of what it's like ...


As for the family that operates the fruit stand, here are some details from a local community newsletter a couple years ago: "Meet Nazmul, his wife Ruqsana, his mother Shahida, [and] his father Ramiz, the family that graces the corner of 96th Street and Broadway 6 days a week except during the codest months. Not only do they work 6 days, but they work from 12 to 15 hours each day.


"After a two year wait the family won, from a lottery of applications, a visa to come to the U.S. in 1990 and opened their food stand roughly 3 years later. They are part of the earliest licensed food stand vendors. Prior to 1990 the family lived in Kishorgonj, Bangladesh.


"Nazmul grew up in New York, went to school hoping to become a doctor. His family struggled while he triad to get on the pre-med program. After one year in pre-med he had to leave as his parents could not carry the financial burden any longer. Then Nazmul became an auto mechanic and also obtained a real estate license which business he hopes to pursue one day."

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Taken on July 29, 2009