Farmer's market, Jul 2009 - 07

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    Contrary to what you might think, New Yorkers do not eat all of their meals at Starbucks or pizza joints. Nor do they buy all of their food at supermarkets or corner delis.

    We also buy our food at farmer's markets, where organically grown fruits, vegetables, cheese, and other items are brought from farms in nearby New Jersey and upstate New York. Some of these are large and noisy, some specialize in ethnic foods; and some operate every day, with great fanfare and publicity.

    But then there are the neighborhood farmer's markets, many of which operate only one day a week. In my neighborhood, it's Fridays mornings: on 97th Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, you can find an assortment of beans and beets, tomatoes and potatoes, carrots and garlic, peaces and cucumbers.

    These photos will give you an idea of the kind of food that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy...

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    1. SJH Foto 58 months ago | reply

      Where I live now is a tiny town called Washington Boro. It is known for tomatoes!

    2. Oleg Dulin 58 months ago | reply

      I like the half-red half-orange pile. HDR could do a mircale with it.

    3. Ed Yourdon 58 months ago | reply

      Ummm ... actually, all of the pictures in this set are HDR images. Handheld, 3 photos in each image. It helped a lot, because the light was fairly dim (the sun had not yet risen above the apartment buildings behind me), and the food tables were under awnings, in the shade. So, all of these photos would have been washed-out if I hadn't take advantage of HDR ...

    4. Oleg Dulin 58 months ago | reply

      Got it, I didn't notice the HDR tag at first.

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