Homeless and hungry

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    This was taken at the northwest corner of Broadway and 79th Street. I don't think it requires any explanation; the picture speaks for itself...

    Note: this photo was published in a Nov 21, 2009 blog titled "Pictures of the Great Recession." It was also published in a Dec 15, 2009 blog titled "America's New Homeless."

    Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a Mar 29, 2010 blog titled "tI Won’t Be Blind to 39.8 Million." It was also published in an undated (Jun 2010) Squidoo blog titled "The Great Recession is upon us, and while the situation seems to be slightly improving (fingers crossed)." And it was published in an Aug 2, 2010 blog titled "All This Stuff About Bailouts Preventing The Second Great Depression Is Just Propaganda Dr. Pitchfork, The Daily Bail." And it was published in an Aug 29, 2010 blog titled "Boosting the Economy: Who Stole It?" It was also published in a Sep 19, 2010 blog titled "OMG! Jumlah Orang Miskin Amerika Lebih Banyak Dibanding Indonesia." And it was published in an undated (Sep 2010) blog titled "Do Foreclosure Assistance Companies Really Help In Avoiding Foreclosure?"

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    Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Jan 24, 2013 blog titled "Annual Homeless Count Focuses Beyond The Numbers." And it was published in a Jan 25, 2013 blog titled "Gong ringers count-off for homeless population."

    These are photos that I began taking in mid-December of 2008, after the government helpfully informed us that the recession (a word they had dared not use before, just as they refuse to use the word "depression" now) has actually been in effect since December 2007.

    Having lived through roughly half a dozen previous recessions, with nothing but vague memories to mark their existence, I thought it would be useful to start gathering some photographic memories of the current one. It may or may not turn out to be as severe as the Great Depression of the 1930's, and it may or may not produce the kind of grim photographs that we have of that era ... but we won't really know until it's over, and our 20-20 hindsight might be better informed with some pictures.

    Thus far, I have only a few pictures of signs showing steep discounts; these are interesting, but it's the "human story" that I think will tell the more important story. But I've also noticed an increase in the number of homeless people on the street, asking for money, food, and handouts; but I have no direct evidence that it's associated with the recession itself. In any case, I'm reluctant to take advantage of such people by taking casual photos of them; I'm sure more appropriate opportunities will present themselves, and I'll add them to the album as I find them...

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    1. alessandro 1948 63 months ago | reply

      the same in roma, paris, london .....

    2. Ed Yourdon 63 months ago | reply

      We need to see some photos, to help remind everyone that we really are living through a global recession that affects us all...

    3. russf 39 months ago | reply

      And more on the way, ed?

    4. Ed Yourdon 39 months ago | reply

      Well, no, I don't think so -- I don't go looking for these scenes, but just try to be ready to capture them if I happen to run into them.

      WIth all of this brutal cold weather we're experiencing here in NYC this winter, I wouldn't be surprised if I see some more homeless people hunkered down in various corners, trying to stay warm...

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