Looking for directions

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    This was a typical scene all around the area: tourists desperately looking at a map to figure out where they were. Hey! Wake up, folks! You're in Times Square, right in the middle of freaking New York City!

    (Of course, if they had had an iPhone3G with its GPS chip, they could have called up Google Maps, and seen exactly where they were...)

    Note: this photo was published in a Sep 30, 2009 blog titled "What should I do in New York?"


    This collection of photos is somewhat of a disappointment: I had expected to find a somewhat more exotic, colorful collection of tourists and pedestrians in Times Square. It was lunchtime on a nice, sunny Saturday in mid-August, so there were plenty of people wandering around ... but most of them seemed so reasonable and "ordinary" that I just left them alone.

    On the other hand, I only stayed here for half an hour; if I had been persistent enough to hang around all day, I probably would have gotten several more brief glimpses at truly unusual people...

    1. SJH Foto 69 months ago | reply

      As the "helpful" native gives the lost girl directions, he skillfully digs in her pockets for the wad of cash she is carrying...

    2. Ed Yourdon 69 months ago | reply

      No, this was not a "native" New Yorker -- they were both tourists. And they really were standing right in the middle of Times Square.

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