VID2012 - Critical Making I (Soldering)
This workshop was part one of a series of workshops around the concept of critical making. In this workshop, students learned how to solder and assembled their own "TV-B-Gone" kit, a universal remote that can turn any television off. In the next workshop, participants were given the task of redesigning the TV-B-Gone kit into different forms or applications.


The Values in Design Doctoral Workshop is a week-long, intensive event sponsored by the Values in Design Program through the Department of Informatics in the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences at University of California, Irvine.

We bring together a group of 30-40 exceptional PhD candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to study and address issues of how human and social values are embedded, built into, influence, and otherwise instantiate themselves in information systems and technologies. By working across the intersections of computer science and engineering, social studies of science and technology, anthropology, policy and law, business, social entrepreneurship, art, design, and information science, the group both delves into the theories contributing to (and arising out of) sociotechnical design, as well as spends the week designing and building original information systems and technologies that materialize a set of social values.
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