Dorkbot SoCal 47: SCI-Art Robotics & Simulation Lab (Dec 2011)
Dorkbot SoCal 47

***** Saturday, December 3, 2011
***** 4:00pm
***** SCI-Arc hosts Dorkbot in the Robotics & Simulation Lab
***** 960 East 3rd Street
***** Los Angeles, CA 90013

Note: only 50 spaces available, RSVP ASAP at this URL:

Introduction by Peter Testa / Devyn Weiser
Demonstration by Brandon Kruysman / Jonathan Proto

SCI-Arc Robotics and Simulation Lab (SRSL), initiated and designed by faculty members Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser, builds upon the school's strengths to create a next generation platform for experimentation and speculation on the future of architecture. Situated conceptually and physically between studio and shop, school and industry, SRSL is more than simply a logical progression in digital tooling. The lab offers the opportunity to develop a unique, institute specific position in the emerging field of robotics in architecture.

The 1,000 square-foot double height robot cell focuses on multi-robot collaboration and multi-media simulation using 5 state-of-the-art Staubli robot systems: (2) RX160, (2) TX90, and (1) TX90L. The relatively lightweight, six-axis robotic arms are in a range of positions (floor and ceiling mounted) to create a reconfigurable 3D work space with many possible applications. The adjacent simulation lab houses the Staubli TX40 robot where students, along with their instructors, conduct hands-on training and testing.

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