Howto: Roachbot v3 Strike/Setup
This shows how to setup or strike "Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot #3".

When returning from InterAccess in May 2007, the crates were as follows:

CRATE 1 of 2 (Pelican 350 Case) Contents:
Custom robot frame & electronics, including:
- Frame: 2 Aluminum plates with 5 aluminum bars, custom fabricated
- Sensors: Custom LED display in semi-circle with distance sensors
- Logic: Custom-designed logic controller board (green)
- Motor controllers: Two Tecel D200 H-Bridge DC Motor Driver Boards

CRATE 2 of 2 (Pelican 1650 Case) Contents:
Two 10 inch diameter wheels with axle
4 inch diameter wheel on caster
Two 6-12V DC motors with white plastic gear assemblies
6V DC Battery
Battery chargers
Small toolkit for robot assembly/disassembly
Assembly/disassembly documentation (documents)
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