Critical Making and Electronic Objects: INDD-310-S003 Spring 2017
We will explore “post-optimal” design, or design that is concerned with more than just trying to make products easier to use, faster or more convenient. Your task is to design, develop and deploy an object that acts as a site for speculative and critical inquiry. Your role is to be an industrial designer that uses your skills to be an agitator, commentator, thinker, and activist. In the class, you will design and build an object using custom-built electronics and CNC machining that tries to be provocative, raise questions, and challenge how we think about the everyday world and technology. The course will provide instruction on practical topics like CNC machining, 3D printing, electronics and the Arduino microcontroller platform. We will focus on aspects of interaction design that are particular to industrial design, including how to build custom electronic systems that use tactile buttons, sensors, sound, and motors.
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