"Laura Spong: Paintings" 2012
The Alice Hirt and Jo Bearse Endowed Art Exhibition features “Laura Spong: Paintings,” a collection by the abstract expressionist artist.

At 85 years of age, Laura Spong is among South Carolina’s most prominent non-objective painters. The Columbia artist’s style is nonrepresentational, not meant to call any particular object to mind. Spong’s paintings are steeped in the tradition of abstract expressionism, and she has developed an arsenal of marks, shapes, forms and scribbles that make up her visual language.

In the last few years, Spong has dramatically increased her reputation in her state and beyond with a series of solo exhibitions and several group shows, including a retrospective at the University of South Carolina’s McMaster Gallery. Spong’s recent leap forward in acclaim has renewed interest in her work from the 1950s and 1960s both among private collectors and in the museum world.

For more information about Spong’s work, visit lauraspong.blogspot.com.
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