"Owner and Operator" 2011
Guest Lecture:
Thursday, October 13, 7 p.m.

Thursday, October 13 (following lecture)

September 19-October 14

White’s masterful work channels the landscape of his native Tennessee through everyday objects and scraps of our culture into puppets, paintings, drawings and sculpture. He paints language on vintage framed lithographs, recalling the intelligence and incisive bite of Mark Twain. His paintings are colloquial tidbits, humorous tales of knowledge; a kind of wisdom within the shadows of human nature.

He will be speaking about his career as a visual artist in NY and Los Angeles, including his tenure with Pee Wee’s Playhouse television show in the 1980s, as well as his award-winning music videos with the Smashing Pumpkins and other well-known artists.
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