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Curious minds... | by young_einstein
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Curious minds...

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Added to Cream of the Crop as my most favourited shot.


Since this shot has had such a huge response - which I honestly wasn't expecting - I've had quite a few people ask me for some more information about the shot. So ... here goes.


Location: I took this shot just along the edge of a [man made] lake not too far from my house. Riding my push-bike, it takes me about 10-15 minutes to get there from my house.


I quite like taking my camera down there, and I've got a few other shots from around the same lake here!


Equipment: I used a Canon Powershot G6 for this shot, together with the WC-DC58N wide angle converter.


I recently bought a new DSLR [Canon 20D], but at that moment I didn't have any lenses wide enough for this sort of shot. I think that the G6 still did a reasonably good job though.


Technique: I put my camera flat on the ground, and then just grabed a small stick from nearby to prop it up slightly [IE - so the camera was actually angled up towards the sky a little bit as well.]


It's a somewhat crude method I know, but I was improvising, and it seemed to do the job well enough at the time! ;)


All I did then was set the camera to macro mode, and I was good to go....


As a matter of getting the ducks into the right position, I did nothing more than putting some small piles of bread on the ground where I wanted them to be.


They all came over quite quickly, and provided that I didn't make any sudden movments to spook them, they really didn't seem to have any problems with getting right up close to the camera. [Probably less than a foot sometimes.]


Since I was only using the compact G6 [and not the DSLR], I had to rely on the cameras autofocus for the shot which proved to be a little bit tricky at times, especially because the ducks were always moving around [and quite quickly too].


I sat under that tree for probably half an hour, just repeating the process over and over again. I worked through probably a quarter of a loaf of bread, and in the end I had to stop because the poor ducks were getting so full that they were losing interest in me. I think that the poor things are probably morbidly obese now! :P


Anyway ... that's the story of me and my ducks!


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Taken on December 16, 2005