Barry - The Brown Bullant!

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    Hi everybody! This is my new friend Barry - The Brown Bullant. A.K.A. Myrmecia Pyriformis

    Although he's not on the best angle in this particular shot, his body measures in at a very healthy 28mm, or 1.1 inches long!

    To cut a long story short, I first met Barry running [rather quickly] across my kitchen floor, so I carefully scooped him up into an old tupperware container - which has become his new temporary home - until I finally had a chance to take him outside and try taking some photos of him.

    Unfortunately he's a very fiesty little fellow, so I've been finding it hard to get any decent pictures of him. This is my first attempt - so the results aren't brilliant - but they're not a bad start. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some better photos sometime soon!

    For more information about Barry and his family, you can have a look at this page!

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    1. swardraws ages ago | reply

      You are so funny. Little did that guy know he walked to a photographic trap and now his destiny is as a model. And that is one big ant!

    2. XOZELDA ages ago | reply

      A truly excllent macro and a brilliant idea.

    3. young_einstein ages ago | reply

      @swardraws: He's not the only one. My desk is full of all sorts of crawly critters that I've found around he place ... ;)

    4. doug_r ages ago | reply


      Your picture has been selected for the Admin Faves Thread 13 of the Closer and Closer Macro Photography Group

    5. young_einstein ages ago | reply

      Awsome ... thanks a lot doug_r!

    6. sandrino ages ago | reply

      Freakin' awesome.

    7. SjonSjine ages ago | reply

      awesome man!!

    8. lagiovanna2006 ages ago | reply

      Gran nivel de fotografias, todas muy buenas!!!

    9. Clear Inner Vision ages ago | reply

      nothing wrong with that shot!

    10. CARLOSWEICK ages ago | reply


    11. kinghitz ages ago | reply

      Nice shot.

      Unfortunately Barry is most probably a femaie like all bullant workers. So she might need a new name - Barbie?

    12. InSectHunter ages ago | reply

      Love the contrast between the scale and the ants.

      Nice Pattern, check out this pretender.

      Ant mimic bug

    13. Joanna Vou ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Macro Photos (NO LIMITS), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    14. geb88 ages ago | reply

      OO.... from which country she(worker) comes?

      Big worker oO, not like polish ants :|

    15. pierluca.lanzi ages ago | reply


      I am editing a newsletter for the ACM Special Interest Group on Evolutionary Computation (

      I wish to use this photo for the cover.

      It is of course a non-commercial use.

      If you agree I would need your name so that I can duly cite the author :)

      Pier Luca

    16. Enchanter of Camelot ages ago | reply

      Please add your photo to our group, Impressions & Expressions and feel free to join us unless you’ve already done so.

    17. Tracey Hill photography ages ago | reply

      Oh wow I have a friend that looks just like him and his name is barry! :)

    18. brynmeillion - JAN ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Images "On White" (Invite only -please comment on 2 CONTEST!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      pretty amazing

    19. ilieattruthordare ages ago | reply

      Thanks for making this image available through Creative Commons! Thought you'd like to know I've included it in my found photos project Look Away here:

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