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    1. SNST FSTCFFS 59 months ago | reply

      what are you some asian kid from san jose..fixie? you could atleast call it a trackbike

    2. SNST FSTCFFS 59 months ago | reply

      you stay in sf? ha so you probably are some lame asain kid from sj that comes up and rides here all day and thinks your a badass cause your in the city on your "fixie".. damm 200 dollars! i paid 0 dollars for mine so your sorry excuse for a bike must be some high class piece of shit huh?
      And poor decisions? dude the guy that owns mash asked if i wanted this thing...

    3. SNST FSTCFFS 59 months ago | reply

      frisco natives? fuck my lyfe? stolen bikes? in the closet gay? possible asain? damn man you pretty much got my life down to the T shit i guess you know me better than i know myself.. damn doctor phill!

      But Im not even gonna fight anymore it seems like you need this W under your belt for some reason.. maybe cause you got a small dick or something, but either way lil guy gold star for hating on bikes you wish you had..

      But maybe one day when you actually ride your "fixie" on the track then you might have a better appreciation for what you and other people ride instead of having a closed and ignorant mind

    4. SNST FSTCFFS 59 months ago | reply

      Like i said before dude you won this argument? You think the bike is lame.. i get that so keep making your assumptions about me cause your right 100%.. if it makes you sleep better at night then there you go

      HAHA! why throw up what you write? I dont write kkkatie.. wait was that what this was all about?! hahaha yeah it was hahaha you didnt care about the bike you just dont like kkkatie? haha wow dude but now i know who you are hahaha wow this was lame ass fuck

    5. NaTiOn Of ThIzZLaM NiGaH [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      fuck kkkatie and fixed gear bikes

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