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the weirdest mannequin display i've ever seen

so, ahem, the mannequin boy screaming in the middle appears to be handless (or rather, one-handed--see next photo for the missing hand appropriately--rrrggghww???-- placed on the floor a few feet away from the naked boys. yikes. the mannequin boy looking at the screaming/laughing/amused one-handed/handless boy seems to be shocked at the missing limb, while the others show a wide array of emotions. wow. and then there's the headless mannequin, which somehow doesn't seem nearly as strange when compared to the lone hand placed neatly on the floor beside the boy enterage, if you will.

so what i wanna know: did the window dressers have a sense of humor? did they overlook the missing hand? did they want to persuade people into looking at the window for long periods of time--seconds, minutes, even hours--trying to figure out this riddle, this unsettling, and perplexing display of emotions over missing body parts? since, they're all naked, we can perhaps assume that the display itself is the "selling point" and not the clothes hung up behind and around them (normal, right?)


*le sigh*


these, and other questions, i suppose we'll never know. oh, new york...maybe, just maybe, you *are* the place for me!?

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Taken on November 12, 2006