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We talk a lot about freedom of speech on flickr recently.

It is about the censureship of Flickr by the national provider of the United Arab Emirates. This provider blocked the acces for local users to Flickr because of the very explicit content of certain of the streams.


A lot of flickr fellows have reacted very heartly and with talent (we are on flickr) to what we spontaneously call a violation a the right of expression and/or information. [UAE block pool]. I tend to agree.


In the same time it is curious that we don't really accept that a country, a people, a culture makes different choices than ours. Why it is so simply accepted that our references, our "western" life style should be imposed to every body ?

In the last hundred years we've been imposing our culture to the world. From the calendar, to the laws of commerce, until the way we count the hours of the day and more especially here, the way we think about freedom, communication & medias.


It is very rare to see, where this censure is commented on flickr, a proposition to make pornography [or perceived as] more identifiable and subject to filter on flickr ? I don't even know if it is possible or really make sense _ But _ if it is the preoccupation of our fellow in UAE why don't try to help them live the way they decided to ? We can together note that we see the world our way and have no doubt about [the relativity of] our point of vue.


What if, some people just want to be free to limit the acces to nudity for their kids ? As it is a very vivid subject in a lot of European or american families. What if the only way right now is to simply black list any domain name showing some ? Even if this site is also a great place of creativity and exchange.


I really love to exchange this way through flickr. It is a daily joy and probably an addiction too ! ;-). I would just like to point out that we act like there is only one right way of thinking. We should expect reactions and misunderstandings - Just like if you were subject to such an opression - And of course you're not stupid it is not *only* about flickr.


United we stand. Divided we fall. I agree.

To be united we need to get to know each others.

To exchange, we need to be different and accept those differences.



> the petition is here

and contents very interesting informations.

> And an interesting contribution

from ☆ \\ 759 // ☆ who lives in UAE

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Taken on November 30, 2005