• I'd love to see some kids playing soccer or something like that around this area here. - Lego Junkie.
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Here's a new cityscape format with a couple of new buildings, and a couple of new details. This MOC keeps on evolving, I don't even know where it'll go next.

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  1. Andrew Somers 35 months ago | reply

    You do realize that in the end you're going to have to part it and sort it all, right?
    Maybe you should try a firefight next.

  2. Moctagon Jones 35 months ago | reply

    This looks great! This is the best composition yet.

  3. peterlmorris 35 months ago | reply

    Oh wow. I didn't think this could get much better, but damn. I mean now it looks like it could be dawn or dusk, with some clouds or maybe a dust storm rolling in, giving a nice ominous feeling. You can almost taste the tension in the air through the intertubes. Well done, Mike.

  4. Âtin 35 months ago | reply

    I'm really liking this baseless creation idea, seems like it would make forced perspective so much easier!

  5. marshal banana 35 months ago | reply

    Fantastic set up!

  6. Scruffy Mynxbane 35 months ago | reply

    Absolutely love this. That's first and foremost. i think the background buildings would look even more realistic if they didn't form such a perfect line perpendicular to the camera angle. And now that you have foreground and background, a smoke effect whether real or lego'd would be thumping good in between them! But that's just me and i'm just a guy who dreams about doing what you do all the time so...

  7. bluewithinblue 35 months ago | reply

    Is that the engineer of the Calamity Jane I see walking around? Is this prequel material of some sort?

    I should also note, I think this looks great. I particularly like your awnings.

  8. 7th Felony 35 months ago | reply

    has a very 1984 orwelllian feel to it, very good

  9. V&A Steamworks 35 months ago | reply

    Great forced perspective!
    Can you add a little 'smoke' next time?
    I think it would help complete the illusion even better.

  10. El Barto! 35 months ago | reply

    Great set here, Dude! Funny, I was just in the process of making something along these lines.

  11. Red Spacecat 35 months ago | reply

    The lighting here is great. I do miss a bit of texturing on the surface. That would make this scene complete for me.

  12. El Barto! 34 months ago | reply

    I completed my project, and gave you credit for the design concept, although mine turned out a bit different. Thanks! Check it out, Dude:

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