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Once or twice a year, a large herd of goats can be seen just past our parking garage in Sunnyvale, grazing happily on the tall grasses of the hill (cough - landfill - cough) beyond. We have a special fondness for the goats and are always sad to see them go (which, based on their voracity, happens much faster than you'd imagine). Till next time, kiddos!

Photo from freshelectrons - www.flickr.com/photos/freshelectrons/399005894/

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  1. soxiam 87 months ago | reply

    i think your "we have a special fondness for the goats..." statement might land this on valleywag.

  2. Yahoo Inc 87 months ago | reply

    I'm sure you mean that in the nicest way.

  3. mil8 86 months ago | reply

    Great capture... You must have some *very* dedicated friends to trek up to the top of the hill and snap this pic in the midst of all these wild animals. ;-)

  4. photoremix 60 months ago | reply

    Hahah. they are Google's kids

  5. jonokane 60 months ago | reply

    @photoremix - Really? Those goats belong to Google?

  6. Yahoo Inc 60 months ago | reply

    @photoremix: Actually, not to split hairs, but look at the date. The goats just arrived at Google today. googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/mowing-with-goats.html

  7. Iaax Page 60 months ago | reply

    Ain't those the goats form the movie "Surfer dude" ???

    Hahahaha, it should be like so funny to see that live!

  8. bluejohnmarshall 60 months ago | reply

    Why goats? It shows that you know nothing about goats. Goats are BROWSERS not GRAZERS! They like to climb into trees to eat the leaves. I don't see any trees on your land. You would be better off with sheep. Sheep are grazers and prefer grass.

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