Stupid things we say/spelling mistakes we make

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    via Academy of Linguistic Awareness.. notice the spelling mistakes.

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    1. codeman38 107 months ago | reply

      On top of what JabberWokky points out... the slogan is a comma splice!

      It is a wonderful joke, though. :)

    2. kalisana 107 months ago | reply

      Like, what's the problem?

    3. jayKayEss 107 months ago | reply

      like awesome

    4. BlueVoter - thanks for 900k views 107 months ago | reply

      Like, "you know" in every sentence sounds even worse. I recently heard a talk from the very distinguished head of the UCSD Supercomputer Center ( that was rendered almost unintelligible by her use of "you know" in every sentence.

    5. One Guy Coding 107 months ago | reply

      Like is horrible, "you know" is cringe worthy, but nothing quite annoys like an adolescent girl spouting off with "WHATevvvverr".

    6. El Payo 107 months ago | reply

      The Society For The Prevention Of The Word 'Dude' should hire these guys. Like, seriously right away, dude.

    7. voxtrot 107 months ago | reply

      This is post-comedy

    8. Lactoso 107 months ago | reply

      Like, you know, and whatnot. </cringe>

    9. claytonkrauss 107 months ago | reply

      Congress should reject the timetable of like as a punctuation.

    10. Pauline_T 107 months ago | reply

      Right on about the comma splice, codeman38. At least people aren't writing "like", unlike the ever-present mistreated comma!

    11. Emptythought 107 months ago | reply

      el payo: they're busy dealing with the guys from "just say no to bro"

    12. blackUnicorn 107 months ago | reply

      This looks to me like some student's graphic design project.

      Also, the slogan needs a semicolon, not a comma.

    13. spacedman 107 months ago | reply

      I like like this.

    14. nickdwhite 105 months ago | reply

      like, aaaaaaahahahahaha!

    15. Queen_D 104 months ago | reply

      How about the mistreated "irony"? Every single day someone uses it instead of "coincidence". Makes my brain itch!

    16. *~Abby Road~* [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      oh man!thats funny!(if this is a joke)shoot i would start busting out laughing!

    17. idahoidaho 81 months ago | reply

      I like, totally love this.

    18. bellx15 53 months ago | reply

      So, he goes 'stop saying 'like', and I'm like "Duhh?"

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