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left or right? (EXPLORED)







oh my goddd which should i choose?

we have to practise for our choir nearly everyday because we won the district level and we accidentally won the state level last year too~

and yeahh our teachers r so stressful because every1 expects us to get the champion again, but...

yeahh me and my BFF LOVE music LOVE to sing LOVE choir so much, so we used the school time to practise..

and yeahh few of my friends dont want to, they want to study..and...

hmm some argues =(

hate it~

next week is our competition, want to get champion? definitely we have to sacrifice somethingg rightt :(

they just couldnt understand, they sing just to get a diploma omg i couldnt stand anymoreee D:


yehh so choose the way u want properly and no regrets! :D

I'll not not not regret that i joined CHOIR! and i'll do my revision on my own wayy =]


good luckk

same to you all flicker :D


stock: click!


i think it will be soooooooooo much better if i was wearing a dress o whateva but not this!! yehh? :(


edit: now only i checked that this was being explored too few days ago :)


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