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Winged beans - fresh from the vines

#530 - Winged Beans or Winged Pea ( 'Dambala' in Sinhala)

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus.

This bean has been called the "one species supermarket" because practically all of the plant is tasty and edible. The beans are used as a vegetable.The fresh young pods are similar to green beans with a chewy texture and a slightly sweet taste. The taste of the pods is something between a snow pea and asparagus.

They are terrific when grilled and served with dipping sauce.When cooked, the leaves taste like spinach and the flowers like mushrooms. The firm-fleshed roots have a nutty flavor. This remarkable bean offers a high source of protein- upto 20%.

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Taken on October 21, 2009