slug bait

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    4 for £1. I hope we don't have middle class slugs.

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    1. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      Sounds quite nice, put like that!

      We have toads, and frogs, but I think there are more slugs than they can handle.

      Some cheapish beers can be ok, if your expectations are realistic. I like a nice quality beer to savour, but savagely chilled, cheapy little bottles of supermarket lager while I'm doing DIY.

    2. dr_loplop 33 months ago | reply

      Make mine a pint of slug bait and lime, with a bag of crunchy blue pellets.

    3. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      Slug and Ale casserole?

    4. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      Well, I have the ingredients. The meat has been well marinaded overnight, so should be nice and tender...

    5. Mr Will Coles 33 months ago | reply

      2% alcohol?! Tasteless shite that you can't even get drunk on, what's the point?!

    6. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      What's the point? Well, the clue is in my title...

      I think they are missing a retail opportunity. Just market it in elegant cans in garden centres as "Organic Gastropod Control", and they could charge middle class suckers much more than 25p a can.

    7. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      I am sure that your local wild animal rescue centre would be delighted if you would offer a home for a hedgehog (probably best not to mention that you would feed it on drunk slugs though)

    8. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      I *think* a hedgehog may have just discovered the slug trove that is our garden.

      There was a poo on our patio yesterday, about a couple of inches long, containing beetle remnants. Too big for rats or squirrels, too small for foxes, cats etc. The only probable culprit I can think of is a hedgie.

    9. Mr Will Coles 33 months ago | reply

      I meant why even bother producing beer like that! The lack of taste of beer with the lack of alcohol combined with a brand you wouldn't want to be seen dead drinking, so strangely pointless. Try coffee grounds on the slugs instead, if you drink coffee!

    10. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      they will need the coffee the morning after drinking all that beer

    11. dr_loplop 33 months ago | reply

      I'd suggest tequila slammers, only I'm not sure they are very keen on the salt.

    12. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      There is no morning after for the slugs. They say goodbye to all this, and hello to Oblivion.

      It seems as though this beer finds a market with gardeners! When you look up this stuff, you find more references to slugs than to its taste.

      Though there is a certain amount of snobbery involved, and a reluctance to admit to drinking this - the 'wouldn't be seen dead' brigade. I'm sure people do drink it. I still haven't tried it, but I do intend to. If it is just weak and bland, as opposed to vile, I would try it in cooking. I did try buying some cheap cider, where the taste and smell was just so unpleasant that I couldn't even use it in cooking.

      I've tried used coffee grounds on slugs, they just slime right over them. Unused grounds are too expensive. Cat litter and gravel might have a chance if they were dry, but in this abnormally wet season, the bastards just aquaplane over them.

      However, this morning I bought some cheapo instant coffee which is probably even more revolting than this cheapo beer, and I'm going to try watering my patio pots with that. I won't use it direct on the garden in case it affects earthworms.

    13. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      starbucks used to give used grounds away for free, I don't know if they still do

    14. dr_loplop 33 months ago | reply

      only if you tell them all your slugs' names first

    15. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      the slugs are too drunk to remember their names

    16. dr_loplop 33 months ago | reply

      slugs are actually just snails that got so drunk they couldn't remember the way home

    17. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      They just needed a wee drinky to come out of their shell.

    18. Yersinia 33 months ago | reply

      We have a hedgehog!

      I just found it snuffling around. It wouldn't show its face though.

    19. John Linwood 33 months ago | reply

      excellent, watch out slugs and snails!

    20. MonkeyBoy69 33 months ago | reply

      +1 for RHS reference. And dammit, Janet, I don't mean the Royal Horticultural Society.

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