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Shipwreck, Beach Near Lake Sijung, North Korea

I left the rest of the tour group I was with and wandered down the beach on my own, something thats technically a big no-no in this country. Few hundred meters down the beach and out of sight from where my group was, is this big rusty shipwreck. As I was making my way to the wreck a KPA soldier started making his way towards me, rifle in hand. Mind you, just 2 months prior to this incident a South Korean tourist was shot dead not far away in Kumgangsan for wandering into a sensitive area on her own. My heart froze as the armed soldier walked right up to me, eyes fixed with a cold, emotionless gaze. Thankfully, he didn't do anything apart from staring at me as he walked right by me.

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Taken on September 28, 2008