OC's Art of the Cocktail Party @ Grand Central Art Center 3/5/09
Yelpers in Orange County got all artsy on Thursday night at Grand Central Art Center in Downtown Santa Ana. While enjoying all of the art in the gallery ranging from Thomas Kinkade to…interesting teapots, Yelp Elites were entertained by dramatic interpretations of their fave reviews performed by Improv Shmimprov.

Memphis at the Santora was on hand giving out some tasty gumbo, pork sliders and delish Dixie Beer. MAWL was also on board giving OC yelpers a lesson in the fine art of wine tasting. Grand Central also gave out so many yelptastic prizes; Jason H even went home with a limited edition print worth $500!

Meanwhile the rest of the yelpers got cozy in the Astroturf room with The Crosby, who were giving a yelper-only sneak preview of their new menu with some Chai Chicken Wings and their signature sangria. Also hanging out in the Astroturf room was Proof Par, dishing out the dirty XZO vodka martinis in their amazing miniature martini glasses.
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