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This picture is of a man I work with named Bob Keeney.


It's weird growing up in the shadow of the Vietnam War. What's amazing to me is how little about the war I actually knew. I grew up watching movies like Rambo, Missing In Action, and Platoon, not really knowing much more about it than that. In school history classes we would go from the dawn of creation up to (maybe) World War I. I don't remember ever getting past the Great Depression. Now I work with a couple of Vietnam Vets. My Dad is a Vietnam Vet, but we didn't ever talk about it too much.


I've been more intrigued with history lately than ever. Maybe it's my perspective as an adult that's done it. Whatever the reason, it's neat to have people to talk to that actually lived the history I can only read about.


The reason I have this picture on my page is because Bob has seen a few of my drawings and has asked if I would be interested in drawing this one. Before I had even seen it, I said, "Of course!". I didn't really expect it to be as good of a picture as it is (granted the original is only about 3"x4"). I'll probably end up drawing this one in pencil so it'll be a long process. This picture deserves a long process. This picture deserves my best.

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Taken on March 19, 2007