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Lincoln : Gettysburg Address text

View large to see the Gettysburg address 3 1/2 times!

This was a trial in my Moleskine too see if drawing by writing was something that would work. I first had this idea about 2 days ago but didn't think of a subject until the drive home from work tonight. Looks OK. I'm thinking about doing a larger version with more detail, different pen thicknesses for different darknesses, etc.


In all of my schooling, I didn't care about history. Now that I'm in my 30s, I can't believe how in to history I am. Reading Abraham Lincoln's words, and having the age to actually understand them, really gives light to what an incredible figure he was.

I often try to make the analogy of my favorite authors (Steinbeck, Salanger, etc) that they can say more in 2 sentences than I can in 2 paragraphs. Lincoln is in that catagory. So eloquent.


(My wife commented that she didn't know I could write so neat. If you look at it, it's not really too neat, I just usually write too sloppy!)

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Taken on January 17, 2007