Renaissance Faire 2010, Irwindale CA, Set 4
this set is from the last weekend of the faire. one of the participants offered me another ticket.

i find the faire to be an incredible place for photography - not just because there is so much color and costumes and people, but because everything is in constant motion which makes for limitless compositions - especially the way the natural light hits everything.

and because it's a faire, i don't feel like that creepy photographer taking pics of random people on the streets. it's comfortable shooting there.

it's also good practice. not only is there an improvement over the last set of images, but think there is also a style emerging. someone once asked why i didn't put my name or logo or copyright on the image. it's because it distracts from the composition. and it also makes these preconceived notions on what the image is about, rather than let the viewer make up their own mind.

but more importantly, i want people to look at the images and automatically go "hey, that's a pic by john", instead of having to look for some text that says "first name last name photography" on it.

the style of the image should visually dictate the artist, instead of having to spell it out in a logo.

when i was in undergrad, had lots of painters from both the past and present that i looked up to for inspiration or guidance. in photography, there aren't many that are remotely interesting. artists like rembrandt, hopper, ensor, bruegal, bosch, turner, delacroix, and how they all use light and composition are constantly influencing the way the picture is taken and the raw is processed.
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