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This one goes out to Elysium - | by yaznotjaz
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This one goes out to Elysium -

- because he thinks his CA is better than my CA. Lies, all lies!


Actually, the photo is dedicated to him because when he was in California a few weeks ago, he was horrified that I still hadn't put the license plates on my new car. I pointed out, in my defense, that I had the registration papers in the glove compartment and the other dealer/DMV paperwork folded inside the front windshield sticker, but he was not impressed. I distinctly recall something about how lack of license plates constitutes a felony in Toronto. WELL. All the more reason for me to not visit Toronto, then. Ha.


ANYWAY. The license plates are finally on my car, as of last week. This is also due to my father harassing me about it, and leaving me voicemessages saying, "Yasminay! You need to put your license plates on your car! Especially with the amount of time you spend in Berkeley and Oakland. You know, in Oakland, they SHOOT people without license plates." Grand, just grand.


p.s. How wrong is it, that I sat around taking pictures of my license plates a full week before I got off my sorry ass and actually screwed 'em onto my car?


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Taken on March 7, 2006