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light scribing

'Lunar_morphology' 'Lunar_morphology' 2 'Lunar_morphology' 3 'Lunar_morphology' 4 "should we be concerned?" 'myopic optiks' 'myopic optiks' ~inoubliable~ Natur... 'well grounded' 'clair-obscur shyness' 'handle with care' "circles of diffusion" 'underground eruptions' simplify my life... long b4 breakfast... incendiary... did i mention transparency? 'bending the fabric of time' 'the shadowy world of words'

L'Art abstrait, scribing with light, painting and scribbling, abstractions from life, the built up environment and of the everyday objects...

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YAZMDG (16,000 images) says:

je te remercie Mona LIsa, sincerement Yaz
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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