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Nora's new babies. They're maybe 3 months old, tops, she's not sure because they were abandoned with no info. Sprite is wee thing, and her sister Melody is almost half again as big (that is a hamster-sized igloo they're in, one step up from the tiny mouse-sized igloo). They're rescues, and were sick when she got them, and both so very tiny. Sprite was sicker and hasn't caught up to Melody yet; she may always be tiny, must wait and see. Oh, and Melody is a Dumbo.


They are DARLING. So very friendly, unafraid of new people after a few introductory moments, and such gentle girls. They do love to play (Melody more than Sprite, most of the time) but are never nippy.


They're utterly precious. I wish I could steal them. :D

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Taken in April 2009