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モノ、オト、モノ、オト、(mono,oto,mono,oto,) | by YASUhito suzuki
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制 作:OBI

場 所:日本新潟県新潟市おおかま

企 画:リノベーションE X P O 2 0 1 8 新潟

主 催:一般社団法人リノベーション協議会新潟支部

種 別:インスタレーション

素 材:解体された小屋の廃材、古民家の調度品

内 容:目の前に集められた家財や木材は、新潟にある空き家となった柱だった物や、倉庫の奥に使われずに忘れ去られて仕舞われていた物たちです。






photo by Masako Naito (Sunday Photo Studio)



Production year: 2018

Production: OBI

Venue: Ookama, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Planning: Renovation EX P O 2 0 1 8 Niigata

Host: Niigata Branch, Renovation Association

Type: Installation

Material: scrapped hut scraps, furnishings of old houses

Contents: Household goods and timber collected in front of us were pillars that had become vacant houses in Niigata, and things that had been forgotten without being used behind the warehouse.

Pillars, wall materials, floor materials and nails also mold due to humidity and temperature differences, rusted and aged materials change color, bend, accumulated dirt and dust make me feel time.

It is likely that you will hear thousands of times of opening and closing sounds from the handle covered with dirt. Some of them may only have a few turns. It looks like it's done its job in a variety of ways, and it may not even have been in the first place.

Pushing, pulling, lifting, sometimes hitting, dropping, and if bad, healing, sticking, and if it wasn't there, it would have been thrown away, but it was either missing or left in the warehouse.

Over time, some tools have come back to the surface, and some tools have no clear purpose, so you can hear the voice again from the objects arranged in the work.

I hope that you can listen to the voices of those who support our lives but do not hear you live with them, and feel the work as an opportunity to take a closer look at them.

photo by Masako Naito (Sunday Photo Studio)

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Taken on November 9, 2018