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空の光-カラノヒカリ-(Empty light) | by YASUhito suzuki
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空の光-カラノヒカリ-(Empty light)


鈴木泰人 / 美術作家









おだわら城町アートプロジェクト 商店街×現代アート







中野仁詞 / 公益財団法人 神奈川芸術文化財団学芸員



結城 鷹 / 多摩美術大学油画専攻卒業


【明滅のリズム 小田原を照らす空の光】


執筆:中野 仁詞(キュレーター)



・ Exhibition

Suzuki Yasuto / Artist


・ Type



・ Production year



・ Planning

Odawara Castle Town Art Project @ Shopping Street x Contemporary Art


・ Venue

Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Former Matsuura Sports Store (Sakaemachi, Ginza-dori Minami-ku, Odawara-shi)


・ Curator (curator)

Hitoshi Nakano / Curator, Kanagawa Arts Foundation


・ Curator Assistant

Taka Yuki / Tama Art University Oil Painting Major


[The flickering rhythm of the sky illuminating Odawara]

Odawara is known nationwide as a castle town. Utilizing the shopping district to develop contemporary art is an opportunity for viewers visiting from outside the city to actively interact with citizens through contemporary art to experience the value of new art created in a place called Odawara It can be said. This time, we asked Yasuhito Suzuki to study the properties of light and pursue the possibilities of light from various angles and turn it into a contemporary art. The venue is a former Matsuura sports shop in Ginza-dori Minami-ku. Art artists generally exhibit their works in a white cube, an art exhibition facility with white walls, but as in this case, using a venue where the walls facing the streets of the store are entirely glazed is in a good sense. It will be a numb experience. It's a reason that he chose Suzuki-kun, convinced that he would create high-quality works while enjoying it on the other hand. The daily necessities such as pots, tools, shoes, toys, etc., which were stored in the warehouse of the landlord's house, are skillfully arranged in the venue, and the calculated light is illuminated there. The light created by the writer is unique to Odawara. Light that can be enjoyed only for a short period of two days. However, this light will remain in the memory of those who have experienced the work as "Light of Odawara" forever.

Writting by Hitoshi Nakano (curator)

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Taken on July 31, 2018