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129番の灯り(Torch of No.129) | by YASUhito suzuki
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129番の灯り(Torch of No.129)


制 作:鈴木 泰人

場 所:日本神奈川県真鶴市

主 催:真鶴まちなーれ

種 別:インスタレーション

素 材:電球、電線、調光機材、PC、魚㐂代宝の品々

内 容:今回照らされるのは、閉店してしまった魚屋の物。作品の明滅は倉庫の持つ空間に同調して、物自体が持つ人々の物語や想い出が同じ場所で何度でも生まれ変わる景色を表現する。演出された場と、作り出した音や質感が陰を温め、歴史は光を当てないと継承されていかないと言う営みを繰り返し体感することになる。

photo by Hinata Endou



Production year: 2017

Production: Yasuhito Suzuki

Venue: Manazuru, Kanagawa, Japan

Organizer: Manazuru Town

Type: Installation

Materials: Light bulbs, electric wires, light control equipment, PCs, fish and treasures

Contents: The thing that is illuminated this time is a fish shop that has closed. The flickering of the work is in tune with the space of the warehouse, expressing the scenery in which the stories and memories of the objects themselves are reborn many times in the same place. The place where it was produced and the sounds and textures it created warmed the shadows, and the experience of repeating that history would not be inherited unless it was illuminated would be experienced.

photo by Hinata Endou

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Taken on February 18, 2017