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Arcadia Quest | by yashima
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Arcadia Quest

by CoolMiniOrNot (Zombicide). Nice game, but wasn't what we were looking for. Nice minis and other playing materials. Plays smoothly with little downtime, not very complex in the intro scenario. If you are looking for a campaign driven arena type of game with PvP, this might be it. For me there was too much luck involved. I rolled terribly and there was no way to accomplish anything unless you rolled at least decently. (6/10)


More explanation of the game: everyone controls a "guild" with three characters with different abilities. Each character has a bunch of weapons. On your turn you activate 1 character, first you move up to 3(? or 2) spaces, then you take an action (melee or ranged attack were the options so far, opening/closing doors is a move point not an action). The melee weapons are stronger btw. You can attack monsters or players. If you ended your turn on a tile that has a purple loot thingy, you get that. There are teleporters in this scenario as well.


Once you use a weapon it is tapped, and can only be untapped when you rest. You rest by simply passing on your turn. Resting also brings back your dead characters either at your homebase or with one of your other characters. Dying mostly means you get negative points.


Goal of the game is to fulfill quests and obtain gold in doing so. In this scenario there were 2 purple (PvE) and 3 PvP quests: kill 3 monsters, retrieve legendary weapon, and 3x kill a player character of that color. The first to complete 3 quests ends the scenario. You also get gold for kills or if a monster kills another player.


There is monster aggro, and killed monsters can return on spawn points every once in a while when there are too few monsters on the board.


Between scenarios you can upgrade your guild, weapons characters ... there are 9 scenarios in the provided campaign.

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Taken on October 19, 2014