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Kodachrome curtains | by yarnzombie
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Kodachrome curtains

Here's the finished curtains I made out of Kodachrome slides! The slides date from the 50s and early 60s, and are all from a lot of slides I got in Kansas City last fall. The majority of slides on the right panel are of horses. Go figure. Travis drilled 8 holes in the slides using a Dremel tool in a Dremel drill press thingy, and I connected them all using aluminum chainmail rings.


Hey, this made Flickr Explore! Woot!


Holy crap, now this is on Lifehacker and Make and Craft and Craftster! Double woot! I have the most famous curtains on the internets. :)


In response to the whole "Won't it fade?" question, I'm pretty sure that yes, in time, the slides (especially the ones in direct sunlight) will fade. I don't know how long they'll last. If it happens in the next week or so, I'll let you know. :) Hopefully, they'll last a year or so. I have a ton of old slides, so as they fade, I can just replace them with others. That won't be any big deal. I think if this was on a north-facing window, the slides will fade a lot slower. Also, I scanned in the most interesting slides, so in case the slides to fade to nothingness, the image is still preserved.


Fifth update - After 5 months, the images don't look like they've faded at all.


Fourth update - I finally went ahead and banned the guy who had been arguing with me in the comments. So, if you're reading through the comments and things seem like they're missing, that's why. If you're curious about what was said, just Flickrmail me and I'll paraphrase. I just want to make it clear that this particular user has been blocked not because of anything he said, but because he continued to infringe on the copyright to this photo after repeated requests that he not do so. I'm cool with someone disagreeing with me; I'm not cool with theft.


Third update! - I wrote an epically long, self indulgent blog post about the whole "You must preserve history!" angst that's gone on in the comments. You can read it here:


Another update! I made a lamp out some of the leftover slides. It's here if you want to check it out:


*Update!* 2-17-10 www .roadsideonline .com , who has been arguing with me in the comment section, has stolen this picture without permission to use on his own site.

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Taken on February 14, 2010