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tummy (157 of 365)

So, the Nocturnal Wench posted a picture of her bum, after giving the matter some thought and deciding that she wouldn't be held hostage by her fears about how other people might look at her. My first thought (after, "Gee, she has a lovely bum, why the worry?") was, "I wouldn't feel nervous about posting a picture of my ass." And then I realized, Well, of course -- my ass isn't a bit of me I've ever been fretful about. My *abdomen*, on the other hand, gives me fits. I often feel fatter than I objectively am; I stress out about whether some article of clothing is too clingy; I worry about the size written in the pants or skirt I'm contemplating buying. Life is too short!


Since one of the many reasons I've loved doing the 365 Days project is the chance to feel more at home with images of myself, I figured I should use it to confront this, too. So here's my bogeyman: my naked tummy, right here on Flickr. Eeeeek!


(Thanks to folks like Wenchy and PeskyMac who've posted amazing images of themselves online, reminding us of how beautiful and strong real women are!)

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Taken on April 7, 2007