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Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool was named in the 1880s for its remarkable likeness to its namesake flower. However, this beautiful pool has fallen victim to vandalism. People have thrown literally tons of coins, trash, rocks, and logs into the pool. Much of the debris subsequently became embedded in the sides and vent of the spring, affecting water circulation and accelerating the loss of thermal energy. Through the years Morning Glory's appearance has changed as its temperature dropped. Orange and yellow bacteria that formerly colored only the periphery of the spring now spread toward its center.(


Morning Glory Pool —黄石国家公园中最美的温泉。美国著名的黄石公园有数以千计的温泉,这些温泉碧波荡漾,水雾缭绕;上百个间歇泉喷射着沸腾的水柱。而在这些温泉中最漂亮的要数Morning Glory Pool-属于热泉,它的温度通常比间歇泉低得多,所以其中可以繁衍出丰富的藻类.Morning Glory Pool最大的特点是:它们的颜色随着水温的变化而不同。温泉水温在85℃时,泉内藻类为白色;82℃时为肉红色;74℃时浅黄色;68℃时为黄绿色。黄石公园早期开放时,游人往Morning Glory Pool里扔石块、硬币导致Morning Glory Pool泉的泉眼出现堵塞,水温逐渐降低后,池子慢慢失去以前的风采。这引起了公园管理部门的注意。如今黄石公园加强了对Morning Glory Pool的保护工作。黄石国家公园有众多泉是因为该地区地下有许多高温的熔岩,这些熔岩把地下水加热以至煮沸,泉水从地表裂缝流出、渗出或喷出,形成温泉、热泉以及喷泉。

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Taken on August 14, 2006