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French men's socks :) - the only place one can have some fantasy about

French men's socks -- that's really what once surprised me :)


French men (maybe not all), they can be in very formal and flashy suit while wearing a pair of very funny and cute socks.


Once I was in a meeting (when i was in France), a guy in suit was sitting next to me. He was a very quiet and sort of shy guy. In the middle of the meeting, i noticed he's wearing a pair of socks with tom & jerry printed on them. It's too difficult not to notice them with the black pants and shoes. I couldn't help bursting into a big smile, if not laugh. All the guys in the meeting noticed me smilling when we were discussing something very serious....well, i just couldn't help it!


However, I find it very cute, really. And since then, I noticed very often in the Metro that classical view of 'french men with their cartoon socks'. Always, that gave me a big smile in my face.


It's kind of sweet for me to see that, instead of weird any more.


Later I asked a friend why was that. And he replied: because this is the only place you can have some fantasy about. :)


I like this explain, and find it very cute - french men with their little fantasy ^_^


the pic was taken at CDG airport (Paris). that's the typical snoopy socks :) although the guy was not wearing formal...

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Taken on February 9, 2006