Law Books Bright and Beautiful
As a genre, law books aren’t known for their beauty. However, over the years I have discovered many lovely exceptions. This exhibition is an opportunity to share some of my discoveries, and perhaps to inspire reflections on the aesthetics of law.
The selections are mine alone. I don’t claim that they are the most beautiful law books ever produced, or even the most beautiful books in our collection. I chose some for their typography, others for their decoration or overall design. I excluded volumes that have appeared in previous Law Library exhibitions. If my selections betray a fondness for Italian books, it is a bias based largely on their superb design and craftsmanship.
This exhibit, along with the preceding exhibits on law book illustration and an upcoming exhibit on bindings, aim to promote the study of law books as objects. These fascinating objects have much to teach us about the history of law and legal literature. -- MIKE WIDENER
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