Portraits: Illustrium iureconsultorum (1566)
Lafréry, Antoine, 1512-1577. Illustrium jureconsultorum imagines quae inveniri potuerunt ad vivam effigiem expressae : ex Musaeo Marci Mantuae Benauidij Patauini iureconsulti clarissimi (Romae: Petri de Nobilibus formis, [1566?]); 27 cm. With the portrait of Dante substituted for that of Franciscus Accoltius, and with the extra plate at the end of Navarrus Martinus ab Azpilcueta signed by Lafréry. Hicks classification: LM Za L13 tall.Call # Rare36 01-0159.
The first edition of one of the first published portrait albums. The engravings were based on a set of portraits in the collection of Mantova Benavides, a jurist in Padua. In the midst of the 24 jurists' portraits is, inexplicably, the image of Dante Alighieri.
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