Laqi Tayal- "I am Atayal"
Laqi Tayal is a joint project between me and Fulbright senior fellow, Dr. Christine Yeh of USF. The purpose of the program is to use artistic and creative techniques to meaningfully engage Atayal children in an educational program that builds cultural pride, explores Atayal identities, families, and communities, and teaches children English language. This program is also an opportunity for the students to share their language and teach Christine and I about their lives.

"I am Atayal" in particular is a cultural and an artistic project that encourages Atayal youth to explore what it means to be Atayal in the context of their self identity, family relationships and friendships. Atayal youth at Nanao Elementary in Yilan County, Taiwan 南澳國小 will receive disposable cameras that they will use to take photos of themselves, family, friends, and things they like to do (that relate to being Atayal). They will select key Atayal words to describe themselves in these contexts. And they will also learn how to best say these words in English.
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