Daily YACHT : 4/11/08

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I want to post a video EVERY DAY.

Email or comment with questions for tomorrow: jona@teamyacht.com

Don't be shy, ask anything your heart desires.

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  1. Nathan Backous 85 months ago | reply

    Where can you find the best vegan doughnuts?

  2. blakewhitman 85 months ago | reply

    Don't forget Vimeo Jona ;)

  3. White Rainbow 85 months ago | reply

    Jokes jokes jokes jokes

  4. brennheit bakst 85 months ago | reply

    i want to hear about your favourite rapper. who's your favourite rapper?

  5. SlowLoris 85 months ago | reply

    i want to know what you have done with flint. where is flint?

  6. K. Mikey M. 85 months ago | reply

    What happened with the MacBook Air?
    Who are all the people that are a part of Team YACHT or just YACHT? Or is it Y.A.C.H.T.? Or Yacht? What's the deal?

  7. Kat :B 85 months ago | reply

    do you and claire still live in Texas? and if not when are you all coming back? :}

  8. localcut 85 months ago | reply

    do you read localcut? you should do a tour diary for us sometime!

  9. Karen's Photos! 85 months ago | reply

    A Daily Video will make your momma very happy!! :)

  10. stompclapclap 85 months ago | reply

    do you always write in all-caps? also, would you like a nice vegan brussels sprouts recipe (provided that you like them) from the chez panisse cookbook?

  11. Nine Inch Nilina 85 months ago | reply

    When was the last time you had cotton candy? How many days exactly have you been vegan?

  12. blingpeople.tv 80 months ago | reply

    Hey I'm an admin for the groupBLINGPEOPLE. YEAH YEAH FRESH.. We're new, but we'd love to add this to our group!

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