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    Political illustration. Trying to rally support for a fresh face in Washington. We're planning on making some tshirts with these designs as well. Stay tuned.

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    1. xtrapop 86 months ago | reply

      Is that an honest question? Do I seem like someone that shares Bush's beliefs and policies? Do you think I and so many other people in this country are so shallow that we just vote for the fresh face? Don't project, go read.

    2. TheGrominator 86 months ago | reply

      i just think your countrie and ours is runned by puppet democrats
      but im basing this off of all the stuff i read and how much propaganda there is around to dumb down our population

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    3. xtrapop 86 months ago | reply

      This is the kind of leadership I feel the world is lacking, and especially this country. We would all be better if he was our leader. VOTE OBAMA 08

    4. cneddy 83 months ago | reply

      this guy is nothing more than a good actor. what exactly has he ever done to improve people's lives? the whole obama charade is going to come crashing down around august when people begin to realize he is basically an unknown quantity.

      sorry for the dose of reality people.

    5. xtrapop 83 months ago | reply

      Its not about the actor, its about the script change.

    6. Crunchy Pickle [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      Vote Obama if you want change... you won't have any folding money left

    7. minifig 81 months ago | reply

      @Crunchy Pickle Aaaah, I see what you've done there. Very clever.

      And as opposed to who exactly? Are you suggesting that Bush and the Republicans have managed the economy well?

    8. Crunchy Pickle [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Vote Joe Biden -- NO change. He's been a Senator for thirty-six years, since Obama was eleven years old! No change from a Washington insider like that...

    9. xtrapop 80 months ago | reply

      So now he's got too much experience on his side? You guys are never happy huh??

    10. xelent 79 months ago | reply

      That is a badass poster.

    11. Rath & Some 78 months ago | reply

      Obama is related to Bush. what kind of change or hope is that?


    12. Andrew.David [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      This is great!
      How do you do that obey effect, is it in illustrator?

    13. drp 78 months ago | reply

      Nicely done. Can't wait for the t-shirt.

    14. Rath & Some 76 months ago | reply


      obama is related to cheney and bush

      thats not change

      thats a royal bloodline

      time to wake up america

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