9 G's maneuvering ;-) (Digital Art)

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    Guess iPhone and F16 don’t go well together ;-)
    Just a few intense dog flights to blow the LCD’s pixels away...

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    1. Andrei Reznik 48 months ago | reply

      very interesting i wounder what will happen to other touch devices or just lcd screens , a job for mythbusters perhaps

    2. Todd Kravos 48 months ago | reply

      @iamameatpopsicle - uh, yes you can.

    3. xnir 48 months ago | reply

      @iamameatpopsicle, sure I can, I do it all the time

    4. iamameatpopsicle 48 months ago | reply

      huh. i guess you can!

    5. nQuo 48 months ago | reply

      Product testing never ends.

    6. NightHawkHat 48 months ago | reply

      E-mail Steve. Ask for a new one. You never know.

    7. JasonSoja 48 months ago | reply

      at least the battery didn't explode... a fire in your flight suit would have made for some interesting debriefing

    8. nicklogan2 48 months ago | reply

      gives a whole new meaning to "Punching it!"

    9. Ben Lawson 48 months ago | reply

      I guess those crystals are liquid...

    10. paulmob 48 months ago | reply

      impressive enough that it only seemed to impact the LCD and none of the other components. I wonder if this was on/off at the time

    11. iPhonearoid 48 months ago | reply

      Nice. I wonder if Apple did any testing at 9Gs before this? Great Post

    12. Jesse Stein 48 months ago | reply

      Gizmodo is illegally using your photo.


      I'd ask them to pay you, or take it down.

    13. fiedel 48 months ago | reply

      Darwin wins over Intelligent Design. Again :)

      @Jesse Stein: c'mon, It's a give and take. Why get greedy instead of being thankful? I'm pretty sure the average jetfighter pilot doesn't suffer too much from the constant loss of publishing-royalties. It might even earn Mr. xnir a new one, who knows but Steve.

    14. fiedel 48 months ago | reply

      @Jesse Stein: Ok, After seeing more of xnir's photostream, I realize your average fighterpilot might actually make some extra money by shooting some fine "aviation p*rn" :)

      Still, I'd think this particular one can count as an exeption. Wouldn't get the highest bidding as a centerfold or something?

    15. Blyzz 48 months ago | reply

      Would like to know how the Nexus one would handle those forces.

      interesting post.

    16. mvishnu2010 48 months ago | reply

      Well, it said "3g" on the box!

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