My First Mac
Since I was old enough to know what a computer was, I've been obsessed with them. Since the moment I came to know about Apple Computers I have been obsessed with the idea of never giving them one cent of my hard earned money.

Well, I finally decided that it was time I set aside my "issues" with Apple (the company) and embraced the fact that to truly be a cross-platform software developer (and not have that mean writing everything in Java... blahhhh!!) I would need to have a modern-day machine loaded with a modern-day version of each major OS. Since, at least at the moment, the only "real" way to run the Mac OS is to own Mac hardware I finally had to give in and simply plunk down the cash to buy one.

Presented before your very eyes is a sequenced photo-log of the time I first opened the box of my new iBook, to the time I was first running the OS. Enjoy!
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