• First aid kit
  • Hydration bag (Camelbak M.U.L.E., 3 liters of water)
  • Night-time blinky/glowy. Don't be invisible at night.
  • Granola bars. Eat when you're hungry, not at designated times.
  • Toilet paper. Portapotties run out of toilet paper around Thursday. Don't be left with out any.
  • Small notepad. Comes in handy for writing down addresses, "While You Were Out" messages, and adding notes to artwork.
  • Pens and Sharpie. Makes the notepad a bit more usuable. Also great for writing on artwork and people.
  • Moist towelletes. Instant bath; remove grime and what not.
  • Dust goggles. Save your eyes from the dust storms.
  • Bandana. A bajillion uses, but great as a dust mask or keeping sun off of sensitive areas.
  • Headlamp. Supremely more useful than a typical hand flashlight.
  • Extra batteries for headlamp.
  • Plastic baggie. For collecting random MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) while on your daily adventures.
  • Sunscreen (SPF +45). You're out in the desert, remember?
  • Safer sex supplies (and earplugs). Condoms and lube.
  • Lighter. Always handy and always the one thing asked for: "Dude, you got a lighter?" Kept on retractable leash.
  • Hand sanitizer. No sinks in the portapotties.
  • Knife. Another tool with a bajillion uses.
  • Whistle. No real reason.
  • Lipbalm w/SPF protection. I wish some one had told me about bringing some my first year.
  • One-ply! Please! Portas can't take 2-ply. - morleyroarly
  • whatnot's my fave! - alike writer
  • (to make) useful: 유 용한 - garydeangray
  • Just please don't put these in the Port-a-Potties! Put them in a plastic bag (see that stack of them a few doors down?) and dispose of them back at camp. - ChiaLynn
  • bad memories of going without lip-balm last year. very, very bad. - mkpix.net
  • 5-Ply! So your hand don't smell like ass. - jovino

Burning Man Daily Bag

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This is the bag that sticks with me through out the entire Burning Man event. It has pretty much everything you need when away from camp. It's so easy to get distracted out on the playa, that you really need to bring this stuff with you. Heck knows when you'll get back to your camp (hours, sometimes days).

C'mon, I'm a boyscout at heart. What do you expect?

EDIT - Updated version of the every day carried Burning Man bag found at: www.flickr.com/photos/xmasons/4866493873/

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  1. bikiniskigirl ages ago | reply

    Our theme camp will full of newbies this year & this kind of information is priceless. Thank you so much.

  2. Prophet 5 ages ago | reply

    cheers dude, this has become essential virgin reading!

  3. amanda kaye ages ago | reply

    what rod said! im headed out for my first burn and feel much more ready after having prepped my daily bag.

  4. seannarae ages ago | reply

    i wish i would have come across this image BEFOREHAND! - when there was still time to compile a better bag. at any given time, i had about 75% of these items. but things like EXTRA pens. paper thats NOT printed from centercamp. the essential crash-in-stange-birds-RV ziplock. you rock for this. i'm forwarding this one.

  5. maniacal crate [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Condoms? Where are your condoms?

  6. seizo92630 ages ago | reply

    Thanks for this great kit. My hubby is going this year and now I know what to make him pack along with his art gear

  7. pdidenko ages ago | reply

    Going to Burning Man in two weeks. Thanks for advise :)

  8. anniemalchang ages ago | reply

    most useful foto i've seen all month. thx! :)

  9. glistening song [deleted] ages ago | reply

    yeah this is very helpful for all the virgin burners
    wish i was there right now

  10. Free Gold Watch ages ago | reply

    This was very helpful, I used it to create my own:

    My Burning Man Daily Bag

  11. debracleaver ages ago | reply

    i followed your instructions to a t. very helpful. thanks, dude!

  12. A. Kathryn ages ago | reply

    My daily bag also includes a camera, extra camera batteries and an extra memory card.

    Oh, and plastic zipties. Those little buggers can be so helpful on the playa.

  13. medical sidewalk [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Hey! I'm an admin for the group "Man Bags, Jack Sacks, and Go Bags" - And if you're proud of your man bag, you should add it to the group!

  14. Loretta Stephens13 120 months ago | reply

    Definitely good to know!!
    I've never been to Burning Man but I so want to go so badly!!

  15. schuey 119 months ago | reply

    very usefull pic for my preparation of Burning man, thx

  16. kittykat1978 115 months ago | reply

    Wow. Soooo helpful. First time burner. Long time dreamer. Thanks.


  17. el brew ho 104 months ago | reply

    Why do the "safer sex supplies" include earplugs?

    Do you distribute them to those nearby, or what?

    four time Burner here, will use your post to double check my packing list which pretty much matches. Thanks!

  18. alike writer [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

    But where's your camera and tin of moo cards, and extra safety pins, and your handy dandy how-to cards (I know, old picture), cocktail glass and coffee cup, and work gloves, and ... and and and ... ???

  19. Sweendo 86 months ago | reply

    Awesome, thanks!

  20. jakilevy 79 months ago | reply

    Nice work! Thanks - I just posted this photo to our camp's blog : www.salonsoleil.org/2012/08/18/packing-for-burning-man/

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