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iTunes movie rentals... confirmed?

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I was trying to report a problem via iTunes, and this pop-up for selecting a reason contains some interesting/revealing strings... looks like "RentalMovies" will be coming to the iTunes store.


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  1. robertod 92 months ago

    At $3 for a month this is already a steal! No need to do any hacking! if people insist in hacking, it's only going to take longer for this to come around.

  2. Proggie 92 months ago

    this explains the lock down of the AV cables and docks...none of the old accessories work and you have to buy new ones from apple that have some kind of authentication built in. Of course apple didn't warn its users before they bought the new ipods....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Squozen 92 months ago

    Composite and component cables are analog, there is no way to 'authenticate' them.

  4. Pixel Wrangler 92 months ago

    Excellent catch ! ;-)

    [and ... my god, this screenshot "Viewed 22,598 times" in one day!

    http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/unconfirmed/apple-readying-itunes-movie-rental-service-297791.php (?)

  5. travisdr 92 months ago

    how do you get to the REPORT A PROBLEM screen on itunes i couldn't find it!??!

  6. Crazy Apple Rumors 92 months ago

    travisdr - you go into Account, then Purchase History, then click the circle/arrow by the one you want to report and then click Report a Problem.

  7. GodOfBiscuits 92 months ago

    Noah Dylan Goldblatt: It's people like you that help keep DRMs in place. Thanks.

  8. GodOfBiscuits 92 months ago

    Good thing you screen-capped this, because the "report a problem" functionality is gone. If you click on the button, now nothing happens.

  9. reefdog 92 months ago

    @GodOfBiscuits: I was going to say the same thing.

  10. michaelnease 92 months ago

    I hope this is true... I'm way more likely to rent a movie to watch on my iPhone since I don't have an AppleTV, and don't really care to purchase movies just to watch them on my phone.

  11. James Young Art 92 months ago

    Add me to the 'hope this is true' category! Apple needs to offer this just to keep pace with Amazon Unbox and the (now Blockbuster) Movielink. They'd be the only native Mac option for rentals too of course...

  12. rSavage [deleted] 92 months ago

    i think i speak for most apple fans that rarely post comments on news like this... rad...

    i'll certainly use it.. netflix pushes movies made by their own production company, (unfortunately cuz i liked them), and I'll never give another dollar to blockbuster.

  13. jcassara [deleted] 92 months ago

    This means the iTunes system might support rentals. It says nothing about how long this support has been in the system (in a non-public binary and the server level), or whether rentals will become reality.

    Exciting. You bet! Conclusive evidence? No way.

  14. joka2000 92 months ago

    Amazing capture!

  15. topoche3 [deleted] 92 months ago

    I wouldn't rent a movie on itunes

  16. Barack Obama is my homeboy 90 months ago

    Surely someone got fired after letting something HUGE like that get into the public eye so easily.. sloppy programming.

  17. danperry.com 89 months ago

    Thanks for sharing

  18. Billy The Kid [deleted] 88 months ago

    There's Something in The Air

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